Pre-Op and Procedure Overview

You will first meet with Dr. Doggett to discuss your treatment choice and to gather your medical history and information.

Once a date is set for surgery you will undergo an initial ultrasound study of the prostate. This will provide Dr. Doggett a baseline for your treatment protocol and will be compared against the Computerized Intraoperative Treatment plan developed during your actual procedure. The results from your pre-op tests will be used to used to determine the number of seeds required in your procedure.

During the procedure, you will be given anesthesia to make you comfortable. A real-time evaluation of the prostate will be compared with the pre-op study to optimize the dose calculation and determine where the seeds should be placed within the prostate. The seeds will be placed through small hollow needles that deposit the seeds into the correct location within the prostate gland and are removed immediately after the procedure is over.

After the procedure you will spend some time in the recovery room recuperating from the affects of the anesthesia. Once you are feeling better you are able to go home and will be asked to return in one month for a CT scan. This painless procedure will be used to verify the placement and location of the implanted seeds. Approximately one month after your procedure you will meet again with Dr. Doggett for a follow up visit.